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Opening and Welcome: Prof. Jie Lu (University of Technolgy Sydney)

Jennifer Seberry Keynote Session: Prof. Willy Susilo (University of Wollongong)

Morning Tea Break

Room 1

  Session 1: Symmetric-Key Cryptography

  • The Offline Quantum Attack Against Modular Addition Variant of Even-Mansour Cipher by Fangzhou Liu, Xueqi Zhu, Ruozhou Xu, Danping Shi and Peng Wang

  • Known-Key Attack on GIFT-64 and GIFT-64[gˆc 0 ] Based on Correlation Matrices by Xiaomeng Sun, Wenying Zhang, René Rodŕıguez and Huimin Liu

  • On the Security Bounds for Block Ciphers without Whitening Key Addition against Integral Distinguishers by Fanyang Zeng and Tian Tian

  • Tight Multi-user Security of Ascon and Its Large Key Extension by Bishwajit Chakraborty, Chandranan Dhar and Mridul Nandi

  • Differential Distinguishing Attacks on SNOW-V, SNOW-Vi and KCipher-2 by Rikuto Kurahara, Kosei Sakamoto, Yuto Nakano and Takanori Isobe

  • Efficient Search for Optimal Permutations of Refined Type-II Generalized Feistel Structures by Xiaodan Li, Wenling Wu, Yuhan Zhang and Ee Duan

Room 2

  Session 2: Homomorphic Encryption

  • F-FHEW: High-Precision Approximate Homomorphic Encryption with Batch Bootstrapping by Man Chen, Yuyue Chen, Zong Rui, Zengpeng Li and Zoe L Jiang

  • NTRU-based FHE for Larger Key and Message Space by Robin Jadoul, Axel Mertens, Jeongeun Park and Hilder V. L. Pereira

  • An Efficient Integer-wise ReLU on TFHE by Yi Huang, Junping Wan, Zoe L. Jiang, Jun Zhou, Junbin Fang and Zhenfu Cao

  • HERatio: Homomorphic Encryption of Rationals using Laurent polynomials by Luke Harmon, Hanes Oliveira and Gaetan Delavignette

  • TFHE Bootstrapping: Faster, Smaller and Time-Space Trade-Offs by Ruida Wang, Benqiang Wei, Zhihao Li, Xianhui Lu and Kunpeng Wang

  • Approximate Methods for the Computation of Step Functions in Homomorphic Encryption by Tairong Huang, Shihe Ma, Anyu Wang and Xiaoyun Wang

Lunch Break

Invited Talks: Yang-Wai (Casey) Chow

Room 1

  Session 3: Encryption and its Applications

  • Key Cooperative Attribute-Based Encryption by Luqi Huang, Willy Susilo, Guomin Yang and Fuchun Guo

  • On the Feasibility of Identity-based Encryption with Equality Test against Insider Attacks by Keita Emura

  • Non-interactive Publicly Verifiable Searchable Encryption with Forward and Backward Privacy by Zhilong Luo, Shifeng Sun, Zhedong Wang and Dawu Gu

  • On the Implication from Updatable Encryption to Public-Key Cryptographic Primitives by Yuichi Tanishita, Ryuya Hayashi, Ryu Ishii, Takahiro Matsuda and Kanta Matsuura

  • Continuous Version of Non-malleable Codes from Authenticated Encryption by Anit Kumar Ghosal and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury

Room 2

  Session 4: Cryptographic Primitives

  • A Novel Window τ NAF on Koblitz Curves by Xiuxiu Li, Wei Yu and Kunpeng Wang

  • Parallel Algorithms on Hyperelliptic Pairings using Hyperelliptic Nets by Chao Chen and Fangguo Zhang

  • AlgSAT — a SAT Method for Verification of Differential Trails from an Algebraic Perspective by Huina Li, Haochen Zhang, Kai Hu, Guozhen Liu and Weidong Qiu

  • Hadamard product argument from Lagrange-based univariate polynomials by Jie Xie, Yuncong Hu and Yu Yu

Afternoon Tea Break

Room 1

  Session 5: Digital Signatures

  • Pairing-Free ID-Based Signatures as Secure as Discrete Logarithm in AGM by Jia-Chng Loh, Fuchun Guo and Willy Susilo

  • Threshold Ring Signatures with Accountability by Xuan Thanh Khuc, Willy Susilo, Dung Hoang Duong, Fuchun Guo, Kazuhide Fukushima and Shinsaku Kiyomoto

  • Threshold Signatures with Private Accountability via Secretly Designated Witnesses by Meng Li, Hanni Ding, Qing Wang, Zijian Zhang and Mauro Conti

Room 2

  Session 6: Cryptanalysis

  • New Strategy for Evaluating Differential Clustering Effect of uBlock by Chen Wang, Jinliang Wang, Muzhou Li and Meiqin Wang

  • Algebraic Cryptanalysis of the HADES Design Strategy: Application to Poseidon and Poseidon2 by Tomer Ashur, Thomas Buschman and Mohammad Mahzoun

  • Revisiting Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis and Expanding the Application of MILP in Impossible Differential Attack by Weiwei Cao

Cocktail Reception

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